If you happen to have a disorder of the musculoskeletal system or of the nervous system, then the person to see is a chiropractor. Many people recommend seeing a chiropractor for a wide range of reasons, says Bristol Chiropractor John Scrims and this article provides three of the top reasons as to why someone might decide to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

1. Proof That Chiropractic Treatment Is Safe

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain or any type of joint pain, the best treatments for these particular issues is either chiropractic, osteopath or physiotherapy care. Every day many people visit their GPs for advice on how to treat such issues and many GPs these days will recommend a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist, depending on the issue itself.

But when we talk about safety, what do we actually mean? We all love statistics and if you’re interested in the actual percentages of the risk of injury through one of these treatment choices, then you’ll be pleased to know that the risk of injury is extremely low in comparison to normal treatments including surgery. In comparison to standard medical treatment, the risk of injury through chiropractic care is around 0.0002%, whereas standard medical intervention has an injury risk of around 0.07%.

It is typical that after receiving chiropractic treatment that you will experience some soreness after any adjustments that have been carried out. This is very common and really no surprise considering the fact that your muscles and bones are all moved around to help stabilise your musculoskeletal system. Usually any soreness that you experience after such an adjustment will go away in about a days’ time.

Apart from the fact that chiropractic treatment has been proven to be a very effective method of helping with a wide range of aches and pains and physical injuries, any chiropractor has to undergo several years of study and in the UK you have to achieve certain standards and graduate before being allowed to practice in any manner. Added to this every chiropractor or physiotherapist has to maintain a level of continued practitioner development to ensure that they keep abreast with the latest developments and treatments in their field.

You can find out more info about clinical trials that were carried out on chiropractic treatment here on the NHS website.

2. How Effective Is Chiropractic and Physiotherapy For Pain Relief

Many studies have been carried out, particularly in the United States where in California research found that chiropractic treatment carried out for lower back pain indicated an efficacy of 86% in all the patients that were treated for this particular symptom.

One of the main focus points of chiropractic treatment is that of spinal adjustments which has been proven to be a very effective method of treatment in comparison to other similar therapies for pain that is acute. One particular common problem that people see chiropractors for, is for neck pain. Other approaches to helping with this problem aim to immobilise the area, but studies have shown that spinal adjustment is more effective in helping someone overcome this particular problem.

Chiropractic treatment has the added advantage of manipulating the spine to rebalance the musculoskeletal structure and this method of treatment has been proven to be safe and very effective in the treatment of acute pain.

3. How Invasive Is Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Treatment?

A chiropractic approach is less invasive and free of any prescription medication which is clearly an advantage, because this means there are no added complications and this method of therapy seeks to treat the root cause of the problem rather than masking any pain with painkillers. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed for such problems as back pain and neck pain and these particular drugs have side-effects such as hives or rashes, an increased risk of having a heart attack, or stroke, amongst other particular side-effects.

Overall, seeking chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy treatment, such as The House Clinics, who you can find out more about here; http://www.thehouseclinics.co.uk/treatments/physio-bristol/ who have offered physiotherapy to many hundreds of patients for years, is a much less intrusive way of helping you alleviate any acute pain. When you compare this method of treatment to surgery, the advantages are clear. Surgery can result in scar tissue, further pain, infection swelling and bruising, breathing issues and more.

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment carries none of these risks because it is far less invasive.

So the choice really is yours and I hope this article has provided some helpful information that will help you make an educated decision as to whether you want to have surgery, or choose a more holistic, non-invasive and effective, natural method of treatment that has been proven time and time again to help with many physical aches and pains.